Confidential free pharmacy sale? Welcome to PharmConnect Ltd established in 2005 in Chester! Allow us 3 months to find a buyer amongst our clients for your pharmacy at no cost to you. Achieve your pharmacy sale now!

Welcome to PharmConnect providing the bridge between buyers and sellers of pharmacies along with expert advice and accountancy services. As you may be aware, the pharmaceutical industry is a very specialist sector and demands in-depth knowledge which can only be accumulated over a number of years.  Our team at PharmConnect have gained that experience and know the marketplace intimately.  If you are looking for your pharmacy sale during the next 12 months, please contact us. It will cost you nothing except for your time.


Acquisition prices have recently risen but have now started to stabilise. This would seem to be a very good time to expand or purchase your first pharmacy.


With expansion, comes the need for finance. Through our associates, we can help with invoice finance or asset finance, useful for cars, vans and robotic prescription dispensing systems. Invoice finance can be used to make acquisitions.


Mr Richard Oates, Chief Executive
PharmConnect Ltd



Pharmacy sale

Looking to sell your pharmacy immediately or over the next 12 months.  At PharmConnect we represent over 250 clients looking to expand in their geographical areas or purchase their first pharmacy.  They are responsible for our fees. Our consultants would be very happy to discuss your pharmacy sale with you on 01244 505933.


Pharmacy purchase

Wanting to purchase a pharmacy.  We try to do this on a fairly exclusive basis so that we will give you first choice on sellers meeting your geographical requirements. Our consultants would be very happy to discuss this with you on 01244 505933 along with ways of funding your acquisitions.


If you are looking to purchase a group of pharmacies, please contact our associated partnership, HYO International

For any questions, please contact us at:



PharmConnect Ltd

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01244 321359 or 01244 505933





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